Electric Bikes

Hybrid Electric Bicycles are:

    • First and foremost FUN!
    • A “Green” alternative to your car for running errands and doing light shopping
  • A great idea for riders who just want a little help on the tougher climbs or longer rides

What is a “hybrid electric bicycle”?
A “hybrid electric” bike is one that has an electric motor integrated into the wheels or crank assembly that provides an assist to make riding easier and more pleasant. Hybrid electric bikes are not electric mopeds or motorcycles, they are real bikes that use a great technology to “level the hills” or simply extend your range.

At the Clinton Bicycle Shop LLC we started selling electric bikes in the mid-1990’s. In those days the SLA-powered Zappy and the NiCad -powered Peugeot Elektron were the state of the art machines on the road. Fast forward almost thirty years later and we are proud to offer the finest electric hybrid bicycles in the world by Bulls (Germany) and Gazelle (Holland), powered by light weight Lithium Ion batteries. These companies offer a wide range of bikes to meet virtually any rider’s need. In addition to our e-bike specific brands, all of our other bicycle brands now offer e-bikes as well.

The selection process can be challenging and as we ride electric hybrids ourselves we welcome your questions. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have, and remember we keep electric bikes in stock for you to try.

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